How To Get Better Testimonials From Your Customers

Testimonials are a great marketing tool because they give your current customers the power to publicly share the positive experiences they have with your product or service.   Continue reading

Why Every Outbound Campaign Needs 8 Emails

Just sending your prospecting list one or two cold emails is not enough.

If you’re sending any less than 8 emails in your outbound campaign, you’re likely missing out on the opportunity to set up dozens of appointments with qualified leads from your list.  Continue reading

The Truth About B2B Lead Gen: What Really Works

Want to know the biggest challenge in B2B marketing? It has nothing to do with what color tie you should wear in a presentation. In one word, it’s leads. A lead is where it all begins. Without leads, there are no clients, no revenue, no raison d’être. No nothing. Without leads, you’re sunk. So, the obvious question for any marketer is this:  How do I get leads?  Continue reading

How to eliminate any need for discounting in your business! [Video]

How to get high profit, non discount business?  How to increase the level of referrals your company is getting?

You will find the answers in this short video and you will learn simple and very powerful strategy to get even more high profit customers. Mark Hunter is America’s foremost expert in high profit sales. This is 2nd out of 3 videos Mark created exclusively for  B2B community  Continue reading